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Maternal Health

At Ser Madre Ser Mujer we train local health professionals.

We have trained more than 300 professionals with our pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care program.

“ The lack of prevention, information and the non-existence of an essential health infrastructure, makes the experience of giving birth for many women something very unpleasant and puts the woman and her baby in situations of extreme risk. “

How do we do it?

  • Training on the subject for health personnel (midwives, midwives, gynecologists, physiotherapists and nurses).

  • Treatments and surgeries for women without resources with obstetric pathology.
  • Conditioning, equipment and rehabilitation of maternity hospitals in poor condition.

  • Humanization of childbirth and obstetric care in general.

  • Preparation of guides, posters, and pamphlets on maternal health.

  • Prevention and prenatal program: pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Postnatal program: identification of sequelae, treatments and training.

With our prenatal program we address the physical preparation for childbirth and how to recognize obstetric risk pelvises. We reviewed the prenatal check-up protocol. We value the work of postural hygiene and care of pregnant women and teach pelvic flexibility exercises and all the muscles involved in childbirth following the prenatal program of the Natal Kiné® Method. We train health personnel with different techniques so that they act preventively during pregnancy and also during childbirth to facilitate the entire process and avoid complications. We train in maternal education and its dissemination and in the humanization of childbirth and obstetric care and services. We provide hospitals and maternity wards with the necessary materials to carry out the program.

The results have been analyzed in a study carried out at the San Juan de Dios hospital in Senegal, demonstrating that women who practice it have a rate of complications in childbirth of only 6% compared to 30% obtained in general statistics. of women who do not benefit from their practice.


With our postnatal program we carry out the evaluation of the pelvis, the pelvic floor and the symptoms. We diagnose possible obstetric sequelae (tears, vaginismus, prolapses, incontinence, fistulas, neuralgia, sexual dysfunction...) We seek the optimal therapeutic treatment after evaluation. Surgery and/or rehabilitation.


We train the staff with the aim of teaching them to carry out a good postnatal control, an accurate assessment of the pathology, the identification of obstetric sequelae, a correct recording in the medical records and an adequate treatment.

  • We are a pioneer non profit organization in the world in the treatment of obstetric fistula.


In addition to our rehabilitation program, we carry out international and local surgical missions to operate on women without resources with obstetric pathology. Always with a clear objective of training and exchange of health professionals.​

“ It is very important to ask women the right questions to prevent them from silencing possible pathologies, which are usually hidden by cultural taboos, and which significantly reduce their quality of life on a physical and psychological level. “