Sobre Senegal

About Senegal

15 international missions.

Creation of the first pelvic floor unit in Africa.

Our programs are implemented in different regions of the country in 30 maternity hospitals and 2 large hospitals.

Daily local activity.

Implementation of maternal and child health projects together with the Ministry of Health in the different health districts.

​80 midwives a year trained in different maternity wards and hospitals.

​3000 women treated with obstetric sequelae, genital mutilation, sexual abuse, pelvic-perineal pain, etc.

Nearly 4,000 women give birth each year following our Be Mater program.

​First surgical mission at the Hospital de la Paix in the Casamance region: 30 women operated on.

​​First maternity rehabilitated by the NGO, Keur Moussa maternity hospital.

Nearly 1,000 girls, boys and adolescents are trained in sexual and reproductive health each year.

Project "Eradication of Obstetric Fistula" in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Senegal

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