La Madre que nos parió

La madre que nos parió

La madre que nos parió is an itinerant photographic exhibition that, through the photographs of Nacho Samper and Nacho Carballo, documents our work as an NGO in Senegal and the reality of being a woman in Africa.

It is our awareness and awareness portal about other realities and the situation that women experience in many developing countries. It is also our way of making the NGO known.

We have exhibited in different places: Madrid, Estepona (Casa de las Tejerinas), Málaga (Film Festival), Granada (Andalusian School of Public Health), Ribadeo (Fuerte San Damián) and Capellades.

All photos in the exhibition are for sale. The vast majority of the photos on this website belong to the exhibition "The Mother who gave birth to us"


Through our national program we carry out workshops, conferences and talks on female genital mutilation, training for health professionals with our Natal Kiné programs and method, and awareness-raising and sexual education in schools.

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